The combination of SelectVoice platforms and Vision Call Centre delivers the perfect all-in-one solution for all businesses – irrespective of size - because it delivers both advanced Call Centre functionality and business telephony, simultaneously, across a single system.

SelectVoice provides the perfect Unified Communications platform on which to build your inbound Call Centre. Its distributed, highly scalable, Pure IP architecture allows system components to be placed exactly where they’re required. This makes all Call Centres - even those where Users, Agents and/or Supervisors are spread across multiple-sites or working from home - simple and cost-effective to deploy and manage. And there’s no need for specialised “turrets” or phones, Splicecom’s PCS 5 Series IP phones are perfect for the Call Centre environment, with extra features being enabled when used in conjunction with Vision Call Centre.

SelectVoice also offers dual processing or load sharing, allowing extra-resilience to be brought within the budget of smaller Call Centres for the very first time, wherever necessary.

Finally, for large Enterprise requirements where a PBX is already in-use, SelectVoice can be connected to the existing telephone system via SIP, H.323, DPNSS or ISDN. This allows a full inbound Call Centre solution to be implemented without disruption to existing business telephony users.


  • Voice platform designed to perfectly complement Vision Call Centre
  • Can be used to provide a complete business-wide voice solution, or as the basis of a Call Centre only solution, “piggy-backed” off an existing PBX.
  • Choice of Soft, Hard and Virtual PBXs, for on-site, cloud, hosted or hybrid deployment.
  • A future proofed design for single or multiple sites which will grow with your business needs – in terms of both capacity and sophistication
  • Support for IP, 4G/3G/GSM and analogue extensions
  • A range of mobility options that allows you to utilise existing smart phones, tablets, laptops and home telephones as fully featured extensions to your system.
  • A flexible Voice Processing system offering;
  • Voicemail
  • Unified Messaging
  • Auto Attendant
  • IVR
  • Call Recording
  • Meet Me Conferencing
  • In-queue Announcements
  • Integral SIP Proxy Server & H.323 Gateway/ Gatekeeper for direct IP Trunk connectivity
  • ISDN Trunk Gateway
  • Built-in Apache Web Server for browser based management and configuration interface
  • LDAP system directory with external read and write access for data collection and/or control by 3rd party applications


Splicecom SelectVoice Brochure .PDF 2.4MB Download