Front - Inbox for your Teams

Front - Inbox for your Teams

Front is the modern Workplace Communication Platform. Whether you're remote or in the office, Front enables your team to do their best work — so you can create a great customer experience.

With so many different types of multimedia channels, not to mention the range of applications supporting each media type, it’s no wonder that teammates struggle to effectively manage conversations delivered across multiple PC apps and browsers. Front brings all media types into a single managed set of inboxes per team. You simply assign team members to team Inboxes, across all media types, instantly gaining visibility across inboxes for more efficient operation, accurate responses and better informed decisions.

A good place to start is existing media such as email, web forms, web chat, etc. These are the most common business media in use, with the exception of voice. Front enables you to de-clutter inboxes, such as email, by reducing the number of unread messages and messy distribution lists, Forwarded and Reply All emails. Add to this appropriate Social Media based conversations such as Facebook and WhatsApp and you become a true multimedia organisation, managing all types of conversation that reflect your customer profile.

All your messages, apps and teammates in one place

Shared and Individual inboxes


Comments and @mentions

Real-time collision detection


Shared Drafts

Canned responses

Are your teammates working from home, can you see their activity?

Usually information is trapped in each person’s inbox where it cannot be accessed or shared. This might be ok for personal business email but not for team inboxes, irrespective of media type. Front gives you visibility for more accurate responses and more informed decisions.

In a situation such as COVID-19 and lockdown, were you able to follow up conversations with customers once your staff were on furlough, could you see into their team inbox?

Discussions - - Say goodbye to messy distribution lists or copying and pasting conversations.

Teams collaborate on a single copy of each email sent to shared inboxes e.g. accounts@. Avoid multiple replies and missed messages by assigning owners to respond. You will know exactly who’s working on what, to cut down on the back and forth dialogue.

Need help from your team to handle conversations. Quickly @mention a teammate to get their input. Replies are displayed as a discussion and retained within the conversation thread history.

Workflow Rules- Automatically route and assign messages for faster responses

Get messages to exactly where they need to be with workflow rules and assignments, based on keywords, sender, time of day, and more. With automated rules in place you can rest assured that every message is being handled.

SLA Breach- Achieve and measure response times targets with conversation SLAs

Empower your team to respond on time, every time. Front’s SLA rules help you prevent breaches before they happen

Working with CRM, backend systems - Keep work in sync with quick access to the apps you rely on

With Front, there’s you no longer need to jump between apps and browsers to look up information, or get work done. Check account details in your CRM, update backend systems or create tasks in your project tracker – all from your inbox

Front’s Primary Multi Media Channels

Team Email Inbox

Front has a powerful rules and response engine allowing you to efficiently direct emails immediately amongst your team. Utilising time of day, assignation rules, timers or contact based options as well as multiple routing and tag options - email has never looked so good!

Personal Email

Users that don’t need to operate in a team can benefit from Front by taking a Lite User licence. This offers the ability to add others in to email drafts, or add their comments to email discussions, without having to forward/reply all.

Web Chat

Front Chat by Front is an integrated web chat solution which is supplied as standard. Alternately there are other Web Chat solutions that have integrated with Front to continue a single Shared inbox approach.

Twitter (DM)

Front supports integration with Twitter conversations. A Twitter DM licence is also required.

Web Forms

You can build a form on your web site and configure it so that messages arrive directly in Front.


SMS is still an old favourite and can be used as a standalone service, or to support other services such as WhatsApp subscription enablement. You activate a Twilio SMS telephone number and manage all conversations within Front.

WhatsApp Business API

Front supports two WhatsApp Business API providers Twilio and Sendbee. Twilio offer a WhatsApp number and WhatsApp notification service with message and notification charges. Sendbee has a service charge with additional message bundles and notification charges.


With so many companies activating a Facebook page, how many are actually managing inbound conversations? Bring your Facebook Messenger into Front for true message management.

Empty Inbox

Assign an empty Inbox with no inbound channel assigned to a Team e.g. one labelled ‘Urgent’. Messages can be moved to this inbox manually or after a message follows a particular automated rule.