Follow the Live
Conversation Journey

Follow the Live Conversation Journey

The team collaboration element of Front allows Vision Media Manager to follow the conversation journey as it happens, on the Vision Multi Media Live wallboards and dashboards, irrespective of the media type.

Vision Multi Media Live wallboard panels clearly show the number of conversations at each stage of their journey – for both new and current conversations. You can see how many conversations a team member has had assigned to them, aiding work load control and speed of response. Live panels that can be applied to each media channel, or groups of media, include;

  • Total/New Conversations Today – conversations received today across each Shared Inbox
  • Unassigned Conversations – conversations that have not been manually or automatically assigned by Front rules or directly responded to by a teammate.
  • Assigned Conversations – conversations assigned to a teammate. Includes the previous 7 days active conversations.
  • Assigned Conversations, Without Response – workload pending, these conversations can be re-assigned
  • User Conversations – total number of conversations assigned to each user
  • Message Activity – shows how many actual Messages have been sent and received across each Shared Inbox
  • SLA – set SLAs and apply to specific media types. Statistic panels include:
    • Responded Inside SLA
    • Responded Outside SLA
    • Percentage Responded Inside SLA
    • Percentage Responded Outside SLA