Vision Live

Delivering real-time information on business performance to Directors, Managers and Administrators, Vision Live allows potential issues to be identified and resolved before they can impact operations. Browser based for viewing anytime, anywhere on any device, Vision Live provides the information that enables companies to optimise their resources for maximum productivity, so facilitating a smooth running operation. In addition, Vision Live allows configurable thresholds to be set for Warnings and Alarms, on an individual tile-by-tile basis, ideal for alerting you to any dips in service levels.

Vision Live also allows access to “the information behind the information.” Clicking on a Report Panel drills directly down to the relevant Vision Report, so allowing you to react immediately to any abnormal occurrence.


  • Real Time Wallboard Application for SelectVoice platforms
  • Browser based, for viewing anytime, anywhere, on anything
  • User/Department and Reporting Group filters
  • Information presentation:
  • Statistic Panel
  • 29 standard tiles
  • Status/Favourites/Busy Lamp Field Panel
  • Report Panel
  • Web Panel
  • Threshold Alarms configurable per Tile
  • Drill down via selected Report Panel opens related Vision Report


Splicecom SelectVoice Brochure .PDF 2.4MB Download