Voice Conferencing


  • Single app supporting one VCMP Manager, multiple Conference Managers and multiple conferences
  • The VCMP Manager can;
  • Add Conference Managers
  • Create Conferences
  • Edit or delete existing Conferences
  • Allocate Conferences to Managers
  • View Licence Status
  • No. of Conference Control Licences
  • Licence Concurrency Count
  • Active VCMP Sessions
  • And everything a Conference Manager can do
  • Conference Managers can;
  • List of Conferences
  • View
  • Conference Name
  • Organiser
  • Maximum number of conference members
  • Number of active conference members
  • Actions
  • Delete Conference
  • Proactively Invite participants by email
  • Reactively invite participants by phone
  • List of Conference Delegates
  • View
  • Phone number
  • Connected At
  • Time Active
  • Actions
  • Mute delegate
  • Place delegate on-hold
  • Remove delegate from conference
  • Record conference

Splicecom’s Voice Conference Manager Portal (VCMP) simplifies the control of Meet-Me-Conferences, giving greater flexibility over how voice conferences and conference managers are created, who can be invited, how they are invited and how that conference is managed once it is running.

There are two levels of access to the Voice Conference Manager Portal, the VCMP Manager (system administrator) and Conference Managers.


  • Licensed on concurrent VCMP/Conference Manager usage
  • Intuitive Manager interface
  • Simple conference set-up
  • Cost-saving embedded conference recording
  • If a business still schedules audio conferences using 3rd party providers on a regular basis, the return on investment in a Splicecom system can be extremely quick – one solution for all their voice communication and conferencing needs
  • Conference calls are cost effective as they help to reduce time spent travelling and the associated expenses
  • Modern business practices benefit from regular conference calls to keep “virtual teams” aligned, working together and up-to-date
  • Voice Conferencing creates more effective working practices, leading to reduced project timescales through increased employee productivity.


Splicecom SelectVoice Brochure .PDF 2.4MB Download