S8000 Soft PBX

Soft PBX family with four variants supporting 40 to 1,000+ users, delivering all the familiar, award-winning Maximiser OS features. Offering businesses unrivalled choice in terms of deployment, management and use, all S8000 Soft PBX systems can be easily upgraded and expanded, providing outstanding investment protection.


  • Maximiser Soft PBX family, redefining customer choice
  • S8004 supports up to 40 users
  • S8025 supports up to 250 users
  • S8050 supports up to 500 users
  • S8100 supports over 1,000 users
  • Runs natively on Linux platforms
  • SUSE
  • CentOS
  • Runs in Virtual environments
  • VMware
  • Windows Hyper-V Server
  • Easy and affordable upgrade path for unrivalled investment protection


Platforms and Deployment Brochure .PDF 687KB Download